Core Principles

Bringing the community into the decision-making process

I have worked hard to bring citizen input into the decision-making process. Working with county departments we have engaged stakeholder groups in revitalization planning along aging traffic and business corridors. In addition, regular town hall meetings with constituents have kept me in-touch with the views of the community on county matters. All of these things combined have given me the benefit of feedback and counsel from a broad spectrum of the community as I make decisions and cast votes on critical issues.

Providing uniform representation for the entire district

As commissioner, it is my responsibility to represent all areas of District 2 equally. I have worked hard to be responsive to all of the communities, subdivisions and other areas in the district, as well as to the concerns of individual constituents, at all times, not just during the election cycle.

Improving planning to better manage growth and redevelopment

We have altered the planning process to bring the community in up-front, rather than farther into the process. Taking this approach has created a collaborative relationship between county planners and residents of affected area. The result has been redevelopment plans that meet the needs of the business community as well as residents and that enjoy strong support from both groups.

Offering innovative ideas to address community issues

I led the effort to establish the Citizens Oversight Committee to bring recommendations on how the county can more efficiently use its financial and staffing resources, while maintaining appropriate levels of service. I proposed consideration of magnetic levitation (maglev) and other public transportation systems as alternatives to more costly rail options. The current economic climate demands innovative approaches to managing services, systems, processes and programs.

Ethics in government

It is important for anyone in public service to operate in an honest and ethical manner and to maintain a level of transparency in order to keep the confidence of his or her contituents. I have worked hard to be open, honest and above-board in all of my dealings regarding county business and will continue to do so.